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Trichologists Cheryl Mackie and Peter Bannister's natural approach to hair, scalp and skin gradually developed from their hairdressing days because their clients were unable to find genuine or effective help at reasonable cost for their disorders.

A homeopathic doctor became aware of the success Peter was achieving in his own practice and invited him to become a practitioner at London's first natural health clinic. He has been working alongside homeopathic doctors, acupuncturists, osteopaths etc. in London and Essex for many years and as a direct result of his work, the form of trichology he uses has been accepted and registered by The Institute for Complementary Medicine.

Cheryl and Peter use a unique method which involves the application of essential oils to acupressure points to correct and control the underlying cause and encourage self-healing.  They both have many years experience and have been successful in helping patients to lead more comfortable lives, many of whom had been told that nothing could be done to improve their condition.


Trichologist Peter Bannister participated in the Channel 4 Programme Embarrassing Bodies.  To view an extract of the Embarrassing Bodies video online please click here.


What is trichology:

Trichology is the science of hair and scalp. Trichology comes from the Greek word Trikhos meaning hair.

A Trichologist can diagnose and treat hair and scalp disorders. Some of those disorders include Alopecia Areata, Hair loss, Totalis Universalis, Psoriasis, Eczema, Hair thinning, Male and Female Pattern Baldness, Dandruff, Telogen Effluvium, Seborrhoeic Dermatitis, Greasy or dry hair, Irritation, Seborrhea, Scalp itching, Hair breakage and damage, Scaly or flaky scalps.

The aim of a Trichologist is to determine the underlying cause of these disorders and use a combination of home and clinical treatments with the application of unique aromatherapy oils to help systems within the scalp or skin to function normally.

Cheryl E. Mackie and Peter J. Bannister are leading Trichologists in London and Essex.

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