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Natural Trichology

Biosthetic Aromatherapy For Hair, Scalp and Skin
Essential oils from plants and flowers have been in use since biblical times, but only more recently have they been rediscovered and recognised as beneficial for many common disorders. The aim of the Trichologist is to determine the underlying causes of these disorders and with treatment, allow systems within the scalp or skin to function normally and in a natural way, without side effects. When this is achieved, disorders such as hair loss, thinning hair, scaling of the scalp, alopecia, irritation, sensitive scalp or skin, greasy, dry or damaged hair, dandruff etc., can in most cases be cleared or reduced and then controlled.

Hair Loss and Thinning Hair
The majority of lotions, treatments and drugs available for alopecia, stimulate or add nutrients to the hair. This is an important factor, but the scalp is a complex organ and there are many other considerations and reasons why we lose hair. A unique, natural treatment, based on essential oils, has been developed and clinically proven that can, in many cases, correct and control the underlying cause of hair loss, prior to stimulation or feeding the hair. Treatment is suitable for men, women and children.

First of all, we recommend that you discuss your disorder with your doctor as he has your medical history and may wish to refer you to a dermatologist. If this proves unhelpful then you need to see a trichologist. As there are different forms of trichology it can be a good idea to visit one or two trichologists first and then decide which approach you feel comfortable with.

Treatment is personalised and one of the stages usually requires several weekly visits. Therefore it is more convenient to live reasonably near to a clinic but patients do travel some distance. Once treatment is completed, maintenance treatment can be posted if needed.

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