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Peter J. Bannister - Patient Testimonials

I wanted to write and thank you for all the help you've given me when I was in despair about my hair, you really helped and it made such a difference in the darkest days - thank you. The amazing thing about you is that you care - you care and do what you can to help which has been such a gift to me and I'm sure many others.

Mrs. B from Brockenhurst

I couldn't possibly thank Peter Bannister enough for how much he helped me. His services and treatments have been amazing and it is thanks to him that I now have a healthy scalp and full head of healthy hair. An extremely unfortunate disaster resulted in me losing my hair as well as damaging my scalp and I was terrified that the damage would be permanent. However with the treatments and products available, along with Peter's support, I couldn't be happier with the results and seven months later my hair is looking healthier than ever. It is now growing really well and it is such a relief that no lasting damage has been done to my hair or scalp. Due to Peter's efficiency my treatments started straight away, followed by regular sessions which Peter ensured would be at my convenience. The whole treatment process was a lot quicker than expected and it was after only 5 months that I was able to stop wearing my wig and get my own hair cut and then coloured a month later using organic colour. With the use of the natural products Peter supplies, I can confidently style or even colour my hair without worrying about the damaging effects and Peter is always very fast when posting products on request to ensure I never run out. After going through the trauma I went through, Peter has without doubt, changed my life.

Miss J. from Chelmsford

I went to a trichologist/skin specialist who runs a clinic in London. His name is Peter Bannister and he also has a clinic in Brentwood. I attended for about 10 weeks in all. The treatment involved using special essential oils and moisturisers (all of which were quite nice). You have to visit him for a consultation and then treat yourself for about a month with the products. After that you have to visit the clinic once a week for about 8 to 10 weeks. I am a total doubter about anything to do with Psoriasis, and so was pleasantly surprised to find that not only did the treatment work – but 6 months later my scalp is still about 95% clear. The only place that broke out again is round the front of my hairline – and even there it is just a bit red – not scaly. All I have to do is wash my hair in the supplied shampoo 3 times a week.

Mr. A. S. from London

It was so nice to hear from you again and thank you for sending us the article on Eczema of the scalp and skin. Although Emma suffered at the time, it is satisfying to learn that as a result of your experience with Emma, you have been able to offer help to others in a similar situation. We will always be very thankful for Emma’s treatment and your sympathetic advice and guidance during that traumatic period.

Mr. & Mrs. L from Swindon

My hair has grown back fully and beautifully! Thanks for all your help towards tackling my alopecia.

Miss A from London

I am writing to thank Peter Bannister for treating my hair when I had been told by my G.P. that I would lose it all. My hair had been thin and brittle and I had been treated unsuccessfully at the local hospital and by a London trichologist. I shall never have a thick head of hair, but luckily, with Peter's treatment, it is still there and healthier than before.

Mrs. W from Hornchurch

My treatment still seems to be working well.

Dr. S from Hemel Hempstead

My skin has improved greatly I'm pleased to say and my scalp has calmed down. My hair is growing at a very fast rate! Thank you very much for the help you have given me this year.

Mr. D from London

You will be pleased to know my son's psoriasis has almost cleared up. He has very, very little at all now which we find most encouraging.

Mrs. M from Norwich

My daughter has recently been here on a visit from her home in America and was impressed with the improved appearance of my hair and skin since her last visit 2 years ago. I naturally enjoyed all the compliments but thought I will write and put the credit where it belongs. It is entirely due to your skill and expert diagnosis of my hair condition – thinning at the temples and short broken ends – that I now have a hairline restored as good as it was 20 years ago and my whole hair in good condition. I must also praise your ability and experience in dealing with my skin troubles. Not only is my face free of scaly patches but is softer and better textured than ever before and my cracked fingers, nails and heels are things of the past. I do appreciate your consistent monitoring of my skin condition, your concern and helpfulness and that whatever course or treatment you have given me has gone straight to the heart of the problems and brought immediate improvements. It was indeed my lucky day when I first came to your clinic and I truly appreciate how much I benefit from your kind and pleasant application of your knowledge and technical skills.

Mrs. A from Dagenham

My husband's hair is really great now, no dandruff at all.

Mrs. R from Hornchurch

I came to see you several times for alopecia areata. My hair has now completely returned to normal but I will continue to use your products. Thanks for your help and treatment.

Miss S from Rayleigh

I am writing to express my thanks for giving me advice on how to treat my thinning hair. I am now growing new hair on top which was very thin and my scalp is also free from dandruff. At the age of 80 I think this is good, so many thanks. I can certainly recommend this treatment.

Miss B from Dagenham

Thank you for your advice for my sister. She thinks the treatment is wonderful.

Mrs. C from Forest Gate

I am writing to express my appreciation for the help you have given me in overcoming alopecia areata or loss of hair. Last summer a small bald patch ½ inch in diameter appeared. After several visits to my G.P. and one visit to a specialist the patch had increased to 1-1½ inches. I was told there was no cure and the hair would grow back in time. This didn't satisfy me and my wife saw your article in ‘Here's Health' and suggested I see you. This I did and after 6 weekly visits and by following your instructions, hair began to grow again. After three months the patch had completely disappeared and hair was growing again normally. Very many thanks for all you have done.

Mr. K from Surrey

Eighteen months ago I had severe psoriasis of the scalp. I was recommended to go to Mr. Peter Bannister. He treated the condition and after an eight week course, the trouble and irritation had completely gone. I am delighted to say the psoriasis has never returned.

Mrs. L from Ilford

Three years ago my hair was in a very poor condition, thin and dry. I tried a number of good shampoos and various treatments but I was still having considerable hair loss. I went to Peter Bannister for advice and started his treatment. Within months the new hair started to show and I now have a healthy head of hair. I cannot speak too highly of his treatment and knowledge. I recommend him to anyone having hair trouble.

Mrs. C from Ilford

I would like you to know that your very good work has been commented on by family and friends, as my hair is in very good condition and has actually grown for the first time in years!! Many thanks.

Mr. A from Essex

It's over a year now since you treated my Mother's psoriasis and her scalp still looks good. As you know she was in her teens when the condition first began and I can remember when I was a young child, Mum would get me to brush the flakes from her shoulders. She is nearly eighty now and I have never seen her hair look so healthy before, despite the variety of products she tried and the hospital treatments. It has been a real confidence booster to her – very many thanks. I'll not hesitate to recommend a visit to your clinic to any other sufferer of a scalp condition.

Mrs. D. of Ilford

When I first went to see Peter Bannister, my hair was in a very poor condition after bad experiences with perms. I have very fine, thin hair. Peter has given me back my confidence with his kind, caring and expert treatment. I cannot speak too highly of him and would recommend his work and patience to anyone.

Mrs. E from Barking

We are enclosing two photographs of Emma, one taken in August 1988 and the other photograph was taken the week after our visit to your clinic at the end of March. The hair has made so much progress over the past seven months and we would like to thank you for all the help you have given. We hope the photographs will be useful to you in helping other children with similar conditions.

Mr. & Mrs. L from Swindon

I'm pleased to tell you that the oil and emulsion you sent for my daughter have been very beneficial to her. The emulsion, together with the shampoo, has made her scalp much better and the oil seems to have made her much less itchy, as she doesn't scratch nearly as much as she used to. Thank you for all your help.

Mrs. H from Berkshire

I'm glad to report that throughout the summer my hands have been totally rash-free and my scalp had improved considerably.

Mrs. R from London

My hairdresser says my hair continues to improve – I am sure that is thanks to your prescriptions.

Miss P from London

I am finding the cream a great help for my son's eczema. He continues to progress well and the rash has almost disappeared.

Mrs. W from London

Can I take this opportunity to thank you for your help, advice and support, it was much appreciated. Although my scalp was very sore when I last saw you, I have persevered and it is slowly improving and healing. I have visited the doctor and he has taken me off steroids and put me on a milder cream. Thank you once again.

Miss A from Chingford

Friends I haven’t seen for months have commented how great my hair looks – full of life and bounce. Six months earlier I had sunburn on my fine, thinning hair and needed to wear a hat most of the time. Thank you – I feel so confident when I meet people.

Mrs. P from Mersea

Thanks to your treatment my hair seems to fall out very little these days - even when I colour it

Miss P from London

Thank you for sending me the photos, I appreciate you taking the time to send them to me. I have had a look and am very pleased with the difference and would like to thank you for your help.

Miss G from Slough

My scalp seems to have cleared miraculously. I can most certainly recommend your treatment to anyone who ever develops the same condition.

Mrs. H from Essex


 Thanks for all your help before the wedding. We both felt much more confident at the wedding because of your treatment.

Mr. & Mrs. S from London

I came to see you earlier this year for treatment for my hair. I would just like to say thank you becuase my hair has grown back to normal and it is fine. Thank you very much for the treatment.

Mrs. W from Bishops Stortford


 My hair quickly stopped falling out, with now literally just a few hairs coming out each day as I perceive to be normal...and I can see lots of new hairs growing through now, its been amazing!!

Mrs. D from Ongar

 Hair looking great!

Miss V. from Islington

My hairdresser was amazed by the difference in my hair in 6 weeks.

Mrs. P. from West Mersea

My hair is really improving so I am very happy....thank you.

Miss D. from Stoke-on-Trent

My hair is fine now - thicker than ever in fact!

Mrs. H. from Chelmsford


 Thank you so much for all your work to help my hair grow. It has made a big difference and I really appreciate it.

Mr. H. from Chester

 I used to suffer from severe excema and came for weekly treatments in Brentwood whilst doing my own treatment at home using the shampoo you gave me. The treatment worked wonders when everything else failed. Thank you.

Miss M. from Grays


 My hair is looking really good at the moment. Thank you for all the help you gave to sort it out, I feel more confident now so a big thank you.

Miss H. from London

 I used those capsules and believe it or not the hair has grown back. I went to the hairdresser and the bald patch has disappeared.

Mr. A. from Essex

We just wanted to thank you for your sympathetic and professional approach to both my daughter and myself. You have given us hope for the future and my daughter seems very content with the whole experience.

Mrs. S. from Bridgend

The original bald patch has grown back completely, the other patch in probably the size of a fingernail and there are signs of new growth. Thanks for all your help.

Mrs. L. from Saffron Walden


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